EHPN Partnerships
Consulting and Projects

Our EHPN Partnership Agreements focus first on providing the basics you would expect from a technology partner:  providing a help desk team available to their employees; monitoring and remediating issues with workstations and servers;  managing patch deployment; managing antivirus solutions; and, monitoring and maintaining backups.  Not only do we provide the services listed above, but we also provide routine onsite visits from our technician and consulting teams, all as part of our flat monthly fee.

  • The Basics

    • Help Desk

      • Providing remote technical support by phone, email, and chat, such as supporting and resolving hardware and software issues related to Microsoft operating system Issues, password resets, network support, Microsoft Office and Office 365 support, mobile device, and other general end user support

    • Remote Monitoring and Management

      • Monitoring and remediating  networks, backups, patch management, antivirus, and Windows servers and workstations

    • Operations

      • Licensing management, warranty management, SSL management, domain name renewal, website renewals, vendor management, and IT documentation.

    • Onsite Technical Services

      • Replacing workstations, network issue resolution, server issue resolution, and workstation issue resolution and replacement.

Now that we’ve established the basics, it’s important to discuss how an EHPN Partnership differs from most IT solution providers.  We’re not here to sell projects to our client partners.  We want to be long-term IT partners, consultants, and implement technologies that meet and exceed our partners’ needs.  Our goal is to work toward a greater work/life balance for our partners and ourselves.  

Our team has been providing IT consulting since 2000.  One of the things that we’ve learned during that time is how frequently businesses can make major upgrades and changes to their networks or application environments.  We are able, in most cases, to predict the scope and degree of new projects and the labor costs associated with those IT projects based on a company’s size and growth. 

Our familiarity with our partners allows them to save up to fifty-percent in labor costs on their projects.

We consult with our partners on an ongoing basis, working with executives and managerial teams to discover and prioritize what is most important.  We schedule partner meetings to discuss technology reviews; however, we also meet with partner teams and departments to find, test, and design technology solutions including the consulting and assisting in the implementation of applications used throughout the environment. We are invested in monthly and yearly planning with our partners.  This is ongoing and crucial to finding solutions that provide piece of mind and create balance for our business partners and ourselves.

Once solutions are found, we plan methodically with our partners to reduce impact and downtime.  We work with managerial teams and consult with the employees who will be impacted most by the changes.  Communication is the most crucial part of any major project or upgrade, and EHPN Technology Partners manages this for our partners.

IT Team Planning

EHPN Technology Partners understands that as a business grows to a certain size, hiring an internal employee makes sense.  A Director of Information Technology can often be an appropriate hire for many organizations.  A Director of IT allows executives and managerial teams to have a day-to-day person whom they can utilize for coordination and planning.  In turn, that Director of IT has a consulting partner in EHPN.  Our organization works with IT Directors on a day-to-day basis as well as coordinating long-term planning with our consulting team.

Not only will we assist our partners in hiring for this position, but we will also offer discounts to those who do.  EHPN understands that a smoothly functioning business with the right people and partners in place reduces costs and increases balance for everyone.