• Mat Petrich

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Announcement

EHPN Technology Partners will be suspending all onsite partner visits except for high priority issues.

All of our staff will remain available, as normal, by phone, email, chat, and, able to work remotely on most issues.

Business impact is expected to be low as most of the service work and communication can be performed remotely by the EHPN staff.

EHPN will be providing information to our partners for accessing their systems remotely.

Based on the recent issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic EHPN Technology Partners has decided to suspend non-essential visits to our partner's sites. Our onsite staff travels several times a week between multiple client sites which creates a higher chance of our staff becoming infected and spreading the disease across sites. Based on the evidence and recommendations of multiple agencies we believe this to be a pragmatic decision.

We will, of course, continue, as always, to be available via phone, chat, and email to resolve issues as they arise. Due to the nature of our work and ability to manage most issues remotely, there will be very minimal impact on our partners.

We enjoy visiting our partners frequently and we've always found this an exceptional way in which to keep in contact with our partners and their staff. We have chosen to make this decision because the health of our staff and all of you is the highest priority.

Thank you all for your understanding. Stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you soon,

Mat Petrich

Principal Consultant

EHPN Technology Partners


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